Happy 17th Birthday Doge!
Kabosu statue
UPDATE: We've reached our initial fundraising goal! Everything raised beyond this point increases the statue's Size and WOW. Doge willing, maybe even a sister statue on the MOON!
bday doge
buff doge
doge size
horse sized doge
horse size
elephant sized doge
elephant size
on the actual moon (1kg mini statue)
About this campaign
For Kabosu's (The Doge!) 17th Birthday, we are crowdfunding AN EPIC BRONZE STATUE in a park in Kabosu's hometown in Sakura, Japan.
We are calling upon all Doge fans and communities to come together and make this a reality! To kick things off, Atsuko Sato (Doge's Momma), OwnTheDoge, The Dogecoin Foundation, Rainbow, Feisty Doge, PleasrDao, and Doge Pound are working to promote this initiative to Bronze the Doge! We welcome all Doge fans and communities to participate through sharing or contributing. We also have cool rewards and perks that you can check out below! The donations run from Nov. 2nd (Kabosu's B-day) to Dec. 6th (Dogecoin's B-day).
Review the detailed overview of the project here.
Feel free to follow & contact us via the official twitter account for this campaign: @bronzethedoge.
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The top 11 donors will get their ENS or wallet address engraved on the Kabosu statue
Family friendly names only!
All donors who gift $11 or more will be added to a global registry that will be immortalized as an NFT on the blockchain!
Those that use Rainbow Wallet to swap $DOG between Nov. 2nd and Dec. 6th will receive a dank Doge wallet icon on their phone + a chance to win a Doge Pixel from OwnTheDoge.
Rainbow is also donating all $DOG swap fees during this period to the campaign!
Don't let this opportunity to be a part of the most monumental moment in Doge history pass you by! Let's make Kabosu's 17th birthday one for the history books, and ensure the world's most famous meme lives forever :)
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